Calgary SUNS Girls Basketball Club
Team Expectations
1. DEFINITION OF A SUCCESSFUL SEASON. Our season will not be measured only in wins and losses. While we will compete with desire and discipline to win each game, the goal for our season will be to further the development of each player and of the team. I am confident we will work successfully together to achieve these goals.
2. EQUIPMENT. Players are expected to wear their SUNS apparel to all team functions, practices, games, etc. unless otherwise specified. When we LOOK like a team, we will PLAY like a team. Bring your ball, a water bottle and any medical equipment you may require, (ie: inhaler, ankle or knee braces, etc.)

3. PUNCTUALITY. Be on time to practices – on time means 15 minutes early. Arrive 30 minutes early to ALL GAMES.

4. ABSENCES. When you are absent, you miss an opportunity to improve yourself and help your team. If you miss practice or a game for an “unexcused reason”, it will have an effect on your playing time in future games.

5. EFFORT. Do your BEST every time you step on the court – practice or game. While your teammates and coaches are counting on you, the most important person you must account to is yourself.

6. ENTHUSIASM. Bring a positive attitude to every practice and game, regardless of  whether the team is winning or losing or facing challenges. We expect parents and players to provide unconditional support and enthusiasm throughout the season.

7. RESPECT, DIGNITY & TOLERANCE. Treat your teammates and coaches with the respect with which you would like to receive. Respect, dignity, discipline and tolerance are keys to becoming a successful athlete.

8. BE A TEAM PLAYER “TEAM is more important than talent”. Coach “K”, Duke University

9. SPORTSMANSHIP. We expect you to display good sportsmanship at all times. Be respectful.

10. PLAYING TIME. Every player will play in every half of every game. This does not mean playing time will be equal. You must earn the opportunity to compete in game play. If you work hard in practice and have a positive attitude, this will be reflected in your playing time.

11. BE UNSELFISH -value is not measured in playing time, you are on an “all-star team” now. Minutes are not as important as contribution.
Calgary SUNS Basketball Club

Parent Commitment & Code of Conduct
My commitment to Suns Basketball Club is to contribute to my child’s success as a basketball player and person. I understand that participation in the SUNS Basketball Club requires that I conduct myself in a manner that is respectful, courteous and cooperative.

  • I will assist my daughter in attendance, in maintaining a positive attitude, and in  commitment to the program including off court commitments to nutrition and conditioning.
  • I will urge positive communication between my daughter, teammates and
    coaching staff.
  • I realize transportation to and from events is my responsibility. If I am unable to
    transport or drive, I will diligently seek other means of transportation for my
  • I will demand that my child treat other players, referees and coaches with
  • I will refrain from coaching my child or other players from the sidelines or on court
    during practices and games.
  • I will never ridicule or yell at my child or other participants.
  • I have also read and concurred with the player commitment and code of conduct.

Commitment – “Doing the things you said you would do long after the mood you said it in is gone”
As a Calgary SUNS player I understand that the difference between being ordinary and extraordinary requires extra effort. I understand that wanting to win on game day is worth nothing unless I have the will to prepare to win before game day. So that I might be the best player and team member that I am capable of becoming I promise to do the following:
I promise to arrange my schedule so that I can get to practice regularly and on time, and to participate fully.
I promise to work hard at practice to improve my basketball skills and my understanding of the game.
I promise that at practice I will give my coaches my full attention. When the coaches are talking I will stop talking, listen and keep my eyes on the coaches. I will not distract others during practice sessions.
I promise to do whatever is asked of me on the court, without complaint for the good of the team.
I promise to always encourage, and never criticize my teammates.
I promise to always hustle and never quit, until the practice is over.
I promise to come to each practice on time, well rested, ready to play my best for my team.
I promise to display the highest standards for sportsmanship at practice and at games. To the best of my ability and with the support of my family, I promise to eat a healthy diet during the season and to complete all off-court conditioning requested by the coaches.

1. I promise to play “Above the Line” every game.

Taking Ownership

These pledges are promises that you make to your team for the full basketball season. They are your word to your teammates and coaches. Keep this commitment letter on your bulletin board or somewhere you can refer to it periodically.


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